• Effective Method to Ensure Access to Justice

    Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) has been gaining wider acceptance in conflict resolution.
  • Fast, Fair and Cost Effective

    Save Time and Money. Fast, Fair and Efficient Resolutions
  • Extensive Global Reach

    International Dispute Resolution Forums & Neutrals managing respective disputes belong to respective countries
  • We Support your ODR options

    The platform MEDIATOR AFFAIR is most feasible in respect of adjusting to the needs of the parties during entire procedure of Case Resolution
  • Calls for Harmony

    Never foments animosity but rather builds relationship unlike court trials


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Hence you find your right destinations where you accomplish your most sought after equity and justice, and that too quite comfortably.



Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)


Technology enhances and transforms the capacity to handle dispute and conflict functions which require the involvement of a third party to consider matters; or in those venues where technology based Online Dispute Resolution serves as the "fourth party."


Samzin offers a simple cloud-based solution to help you resolve disputes using the Technology stimulated platform "Mediator Affair", which features an affordable way to resolve conflicts online.


You need to resort to some steps to initiate the resolution process
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It is all about real people with real disputes. The ODR services are offered to disputants enabling them to find their destinations and Case Studies may be a fantastic research study for them
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We can see people, hear them, and feel their emotional temperature; we can also speak, use our eyes, use our hands; even jump to our feet when things get stuck. A real-time visible resource for guidance and cognisance
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The price that is charged against the product or service is one of the most important business decisions we make and it is left to you to accept the same
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